White Label

Our white label product is the branded version of our SaaS solution built-into the clients existing architecture and functions as a secure and licensed black box within their systems. Please take your time and read through the documentation, as it will cover the entire installation process. This includes learning how to initially register on our platform and all the steps in-between until you can finally access the borrowers’ loan performance data.

The white label software benefits from an array of features including a straightforward user flow for borrowers, local data storage and a constantly updating scoring engine. If you would like to create a dedicated user flow then you’re in luck as our White label solution has its API available, allowing you to customize the branding, colour scheme and company logo into the dashboard.

How to Download the Source Code

First, you will need to register your company as a lender on our platform. Please visit friendlyscore.com/login to complete registration. You will be asked to enter your billing information including your credit card details.

After registering, you will be subscribed as a monthly SaaS user by default. This will allow you to test FriendlyScore’s software by simply copying and pasting a widget without concern of an immediate and complex integration process.

Once familiarised with FriendlyScore’s software, you will need to accept the White Label Licence and choose a White Label subscription.

After selecting the White Label subscription, you will be able to see your login and password to our GIT repository and then instructions on how to install the software.

Next: How to Install the White Label software

Once registered, click here for a walkthrough on the white label installation process.