Create and Configure your Facebook Application

Go to Facebook for Developers register as developer and choose to add a “website” application

Facebook, choose application

Then create new Facebook application

Facebook, create new application

Afterwards skip the quick start

Facebook, skip quick start

You will be directed to your dashboard. Please take from there your App ID and App Secret. Then please update the file app/config/parameters.yml with these parameters

Facebook, credentials

Last step:

Go to Application settings, add platform “website” and enter your contact e-mail address

Facebook, application contact information

Make your application live

Facebook, make application live

Apply for basic permissions:

We recommend to apply for the permissions shown on the screenshot below:

Facebook, apply for permissions, choose from list Facebook, apply for permissions, user_posts Facebook, apply for permissions, user_relationships Facebook, apply for permissions, user_photos Facebook, apply for permissions, user_hometown Facebook, apply for permissions, user_likes

Now you can submit your application for review.

Your application must be live and working before applying for permissions.


You can apply for more permissions on Facebook than the basic one. FriendlyScore will detect automatically new source of data and start scoring borrowers with additional data.