Software Prerequisites

FriendlyScore White Label requires certain software configuration prerequisites to be fullfiled.

The following software is required:

  • POSIX-compatible OS
  • Apache/Nginx web server
  • PHP 7.1+
  • PostgreSQL 9.4+ database
  • Git revision control system

All of those should be easily installable with your package manager of choice. We recommend Ubuntu Server and apt package manager.

Initial Configuration


One VHOST will be needed both for users to access the website and for communication with the main FreindlyScore server. The VHOST must be publicly available over http or https (preferred).


The following modules are mandatory:

  • bcmath,
  • curl,
  • json,
  • pdo,
  • pdo_pgsql,
  • xml.

PostgreSQL Database

A database must be created for the application. Further instructions can be found in the following “Installation” section.


Download PHP App