The temporary setup page

File app_dev.php

You can also access a setup page which shows the current deployment status of your application, tells you which deployment steps still need to be performed and allows you to set the options from the parameters.yml file, described in the appropriate section above. IMPORTANT: if you edit the parameters.yml options using the provided form, you still have to run in the application directory for the changes to take effect.

To access the setup you need to open your_site_url/app_dev.php in your browser. IMPORTANT: due to security reasons, the app_dev.php site is accessible only when you access it from the server's local adress ( - to access it from elsewhere you must setup a proxy server or use an ssh tunnel. It is also highly advisable to delete the app_dev.php file altoghether when the site is fully deployed (it is stored in the web folder of the application source).


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