User flow between your system and FriendlyScore White Label

Forward users with propel User Id to White Label

To identify your borrowers and create a feedback loop with your existing system You should forward your applicants to FriendlyScore White Label with special query parameters:

APP_ID - it’s FriendlyScore’s identifier that we are using for learning purposes to give you always an updated scoring mechanism.

USER_DB_ID - it’s user’s ID from your database If you do not want to feedback borowers with your database you can also forward users to the homepage

In that scenario FriendlyScore White Label will by default ask the user about his e-mail address which will become your borrower identifier in our system.

Forward user on success and error url’s - feedback loop

While you were creating the white label application, You were asked about URL OK and URL ERROR parameters during the registration process.

These are default routes for White Label after a borrower clicks “Finish” or “Cancel” button during the scoring process.

To change this parameters go to Your panel.

Go to “Application” click on the default application “settings” and change URL’s to adjust the feedback loop within your system

User Flow, configure urls